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CARE’s HIV and AIDS programs target at-risk and vulnerable groups including youth and adolescents, mobile populations, injecting drug users, sex workers, orphans and vulnerable children, and women as care givers. In response to the increasing feminization of the AIDS epidemic, CARE’s programs focus on the role that prevailing gender identities, roles and hierarchies play in shaping the dynamics of infection, transmission and living with HIV. In addition to focusing on gender issues, critical elements of CARE’s HIV and AIDS programs emphasize dignity, equality, and the involvement of people living with HIV.


Photo by Nadia Shadravan
The goal of CARE's HIV and AIDS programs is to
empower individuals, households and communities
to protect themselves from HIV transmission and
enhance their capacity to reduce suffering of those
affected by the epidemic.

• Reduce transmission of HIV, particularly among the most vulnerable
• Mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on economic development and on other sectors
• Promote access to high quality care and support

CARE implements HIV and AIDS programming at local, national and international levels with and through governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), faith-based organizations and communities themselves.

• Capacity building of communities, CBOs, NGOs, national governments
• Community mobilization: addressing underlying causes including stigma, gender and power inequity through individual and community empowerment
• Prevention: behavior change communication, condom promotion, access to sexually transmitted infection treatment, prevention of mother to child transmission, voluntary counseling and testing, stigma reduction and other services
• Care and support: home-based care, increased social support to infected and affected individuals, access to antiretroviral drugs
• Comprehensive intervention: wrap around, multi-sectoral interventions with components of savings and loans, education, water
• Policy advocacy
• Partnerships at community, national and international levels